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Henry got on well with our members from the moment he walked in, we got a lot of favourable comments. (June/Memory Lane Café, Sowerbey Bridge). Saturday 11th January 2020.


Second time we have used him. Love him. Will be booking again. Excellent Service. (Jenny & Trev/Brookside Community Centre). Friday 21st June 2019.


All our residents had a great afternoon, they loved the interaction and can''t wait till you come again. (Deborah & Charlotte/Colton Lodges Care Home). Tuesday 4th June 2019.


We have never had an entertainer who interacted as much as Ukulele Henry did, he engaged with every single person in that room, residents, relatives and staff alike. What a brilliant time we all had, best entertainer we have ever had. Thank you. (Wensley/West Ridings Care Home). Tuesday 21st May 2019.


Our residents thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment and we will definitely be re-booking. Thank you so much. (Borrage House Care Home) Monday 20th May 2019.


Hi Henry, Hope this finds you well. Myself and my work colleagues wanted to thank you for performing at Dorothy and Norman's 80th birthday party last Sunday. Your performance was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone and definitely made Dorothy and Norman's 80th celebration a very special occasion for them both. The way you interacted with the guests was lovely to see. Best wishes (Anita/Hykeham Social Club). Saturday 13th April 2019.


Hi, I just wanted to leave a compliment for Ukulele Henry who entertained at my mothers 90 birthday party. We had a mixed group of older people and young people and Ukulele Henry managed to engage with everyone at the party, it was fantastic and I put it down to Ukulele Henry's enchanting and vibrant personality. Thank you Henry. I am going to be recommending Ukulele Henry to all my friends and customers. Thank you. (Helen/Louis Le Prince Court) Friday 12th April 2019.


Really enjoyed by staff, service users & volunteers. Would definately recommend to others. (J. Butterworth/White Windows) 18th March 2019.


My residents really enjoyed the interaction that was given. (Marie/White Rose House Care Centre) 11th March 2019.


We all had a fantastic afternoon, lots of residents told us how much they enjoyed themselves. (Greenacres Care Home) 4th February 2019.


Not only do the residents love you but the staff do too. We think you're great and couldn't be better. Thank you. (Ellie/Eden Court) 15th January 2019.


A delightful man, fabulous entertainment, we had a great afternoon, thoroughly enjoyed by all. Excellent value for money. Thankyou. (Ashfield Care Home) 1st December 2018.


Excellent entertainment. Our residents have thoroughly enjoyed the show today. Will definately be booking again. (Sylvia/Townend Close Care Home) 20th November 2018.


Every single resident said the next day, when can we have him back, so we have booked you again in February 2019. (Colin/Richden Park Residential Home) 7th November 2018.


Our Residents just can not have enough of Ukulele Henry. (Manjit/Assisi Place) 23rd October 2018.


Henry is a great all round entertainer. A lovely voice and repertoire, talented musician and most importantly, he ensured that every single resident enjoyed personal interaction. (Briony & Mel/The Granby Care Home) 2nd October 2018.


Everyone at our service had a great time, I really liked how Henry interacted with them all and did this to every single person and made them feel special. We will definitely be booking hime again. (Carley/Cottam Road) 14th September 2018.


Engaged with residents, happy, good music and lot's of talent. Great show, can't wait to have Henry Back! (Amber/Wykebeck Court) 11th September 2018.


A wonderful show with a great mix of music and laughter. We highly recommend Henry and will be re-booking again very soon. Thank you Henry for a great afternoon. (Michelle/Snapethorpe Hall) 20th July 2018.


Henry has a deep understanding of the needs of an audience who are mainly Dementia patients. Henry engaged with them all and tailored his approach to each persons mood/needs. It was so wonerful to see them all joining in and so thoroughly enjoying the afternoon. Staff, visitors and residents all had a ball!! Thank you so much Henry. (Gillian/Wingates Residential Home) 18th June 2018.


Our residents thoroughly enjoyed Henry, they talked about him into the evening. One of the best singers we've had! (Kath/Neville House) 15th May 2018.


Henry was brilliant. Involved everyone and my mums 90th birthday a special day. Kept everyone entertained, there was lots of laughter and dancing, young and old. Thank you so much Henry. (Evelyn/Willow Bank Care Home) 15th April 2018.


Smartly dressed with Bow Tie. Professional in appearance and manner, very energetic which transferred to the audience. Every member took part. Excellent voice and choice of music. Best act we've had. Thank you so much our guests and staff thought you were fantastic. (Gerrard & Mel/Our Place) 8th April 2018.


He made our day. Thanks Henry. (M. Hunter & Ben/Newfield House) 30th March 2018.


Absolutely enjoyable from start to finish, "Hurry Back". (Karen/Sutton Hall & Lodge) 23rd March 2018.


Was a big success on his first visit and had no hesitation in booking Henry again. (Wendy/The Craven) 8th January 2018.


Loved by all our residents. (Elderthorpe Care Home) 20th December 2017.


Ukulele Henry was a first class performer. Engaged with everybody and was very understanding with the Dementia House, he was working on especially the two ladies that wanted to be near him. (Shirley/Knowles Court Care Home) 3rd October 2017.


Very pleasant & appealed to all our members. (Jerry/Denholm Elders/Denholme Mechanics Institute) 9th October 2017.


Foe Emmandjay Court, one hour is the maximum time I would recommend. (Emmandjay Court) 18th October 2017.


Very good with the residents, would definitely have Ukulele Henry again. (Andrea/Fairmount Nursing Home) 25th September 2017.


All residents including staff enjoyed the entertainment. Interaction with residents was excellent. (Jane/Phoenix Park) 9th September 2017.


Excellent show, value for money, residents, staff and family loved the show. (Karen/Priory Gardens) 16th August 2017.


10/10 Henry is fab. Our residents love him. (Dawn/Laurel Bank) 31st July 2017.


Entertainment too long but my advantage? Loved by all and I would re-book again and again. Thank you. (Nazia/Saville House) 8th July 2017.


All the Residents thoroughly enjoyed it and asked me to re-book. The show went on for two hours which was excellent value for money. Also his interaction with his audience was spot on. He made each and every individual resident feel special. (Sandra/The Hawthornes Care Home) 9th June 2017


Absolutely Amazing Performance. Henry is such a Gentleman who goes Above and Beyond what is expected. He is really friendly and obviously enjoyed performing and interacting with the audience in an inclusive and sincere way. Henry is a people person who obviously enjoys performing. His “joie De Vivre” and enthusiasm is infectious. The Audience Comments:-“He’s great”, “He’s Wonderful. The audience was engaged, joining in, smiling, happy, everyone loved the show and felt included. You lifted our spirits and brought music, songs and happiness into our hearts. Henry’s repertoire is great, he has different genres to meet all tastes and has a fantastic ability to read the audience and select the appropriate songs. Audience participation is encouraged in a warm and friendly manner. Henry was happy for us to get up and dance. It was a lovely relaxed and superbly entertaining performance. I could have listened and participated for hours. (Helen/Young at Art’s) 27th May.2017.


All the service users really enjoyed the entertainment and will be definitely booking again. Thank you. (Karen Summers/Beckfield Resource Centre) 26th May 2017.


Brilliant, can we have him every week. One of the best entertainers we've had. Kate. St. Clements Church Hall. 20th March 2017.


Just Brilliant! Thank you for everything! Look forward to seeing you again. Emma (Activities Co-ordinator) Glen Rosa. 20th March 2017.


Just excellent, thoroughly involved with the residents which saw them all engaging. Thank you! Laura (Activities Co-ordinator) Cookridge Court Care Home. 2nd March 2017.


Excellent, very enjoyable. Tranquility Court. 4th October 2016.


Could not have been more pleased about the service, flexible, wonderful with the audience. Good fun and not in a hurry to leave. Thank you (Hale Project) Kirkgate Centre. 1st October 2016.


Wonderful afternoon had by all - Staff loved it too! Ann (Activities Co-ordinator) Hillbro Nursing Home. 20th July 2016.


Ukulele Henry was a joy to the Residents at ''The Glen', A very enjoyable & memorable afternoon. Carolyn (Activities Co-ordinator) The Glen Nursing Home. 22nd June 2016.


Ukulele Henry was amazing. All our residents had a wonderful afternoon of entertainment. Ukulele Henry got everybody involved including the Staff. It was truly a fantastic afternoon. We look forward to seeing you again :-) Sarah (Activities Co-ordinator) Rievaulx House Care Centre. 30th April 2016.


Henry went out of his way to start early and finish later. The Ladies & Gentlemen thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Lynsay (Activities Co-ordinator) Staveley Court Day Centre. 10th February 2016.


Excellent entertainer. Will definitely have you again. My Darby & Joan Club ladies had a fantastic time. They enjoyed the interaction immensely, as most of them have lost their husbands and you made them feel special by the touch of a hand or s peck on the cheek. Carol (Darby & Joan Club Leader). 10th December 2015.


A fantastic night, loved by all ages. Muriel (Activities Co-ordinator) Shuttleworth House. 11th December 2015.


Fantastic, will definately have you again, residents loved it. Julie (Activities Co-ordinator) Grange Court Residential Home. 30th October 2015.


We have now booked Ukulele Henry twice and also had the best performance from him. I would definately recommend Henry to all other care homes. Naz (Activities Co-ordinator) Oakleigh Residential Home. 29th October 2015.


Calming for Dementia Residents. Dawn (Manager) Leylands Rest Home 28th October 2015.


Thank you so much. Everyone loved your performance. Residents that are hard to motivate during activities fully engaged and sang along. Hope to see you again soon. Lofthouse Grange & Lodge 12th October 2015.


Excellent entertainer, everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Plus 50 mins extra entertainment. Fantastic will definately book again. Samantha (Activities Co-ordinator) Hopton Court 16th September 2015.


Fantastic, will be welcoming him to come back again. Emma (Activities Co-ordinator) Cafe West 30th July 2015.


All our residents enjoyed two hours of entertainment by Ukulele Henry and they all said he was great, will be booking him again shortly. Nicola (Activities Co-ordinator) Oakworth Manor 14th July 2015.


Henry is a delight, he is a very smiley person, very polite and always well turned out, he plays a fantastic selection of songs for all tastes and certainly makes a massive difference to our residents, you only have to look at our residents faces, it says it all, many find it hard to communicate how they feel but just a tap of a finger or a foot tells us everything. Henry goes around all the residents, talking and singing along with them. He always gives 100%. He will sing forever, it is a passion of his and it really shows, you would never be dissapointed if you request him to entertain you on any level. Angie (Activities Co-ordinator) Moorleigh Nursing Home 21st June 2015.


Thought the way you interacted with the audience was fantastic, many of these women will have lost their husbands and I think a cheeky wink, a touch of a hand, a peck on the hand will have meant the world to them. Love how you got everyone involved & told stories. It is not just about the singing... Which was great mind you. Loved the mixture of slow and fun songs to keep them interested & entertained & also to stir up emotion. Thank you so much. Jacqueline, Thornton Hill Care Home, 19th June 2015.


Everyone who attended enjoyed the concert. Residents were encouraged to join in and all seemed to enjoy the singing & dancing. Also very punctual and thoroughly recommended. Professional. Hazel (Activities Co-ordinator) Woodlands. 27th April 2015.


In our opinion Ukulele Henry interacted appropriately with our residents and made them feel valued and respected. We will definately book Ukulele Henry again. Meadowbrook Manor 4th March 2015.


A MASSIVE thank you for supporting us at our recent summer fair and garden party, we have had fabulous feedback and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. You were brilliant and put a smile on everyone's face and a spring in their step, I'm just sorry I couldn't get settled nearby with a cold beer and enjoy you for longer !! We smashed the last previous 4 years takings so we are over the moon with that! We know we can make a difference but we couldn't do it without the support of people like you and I hope that you will be willing to support us again at future events. 1st July 2014.


Hi there Henry, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the wonderful musical talents of yours at our summer Garden Party, once again you were just fabulous and sounded fantastic. The event itself was very busy indeed, there was a super atmosphere and we’re looking at reaching near the £10,000 mark in total so thank you very much for your continuing support and contribution, it means a lot to us here. Best wishes and please do keep in touch, (you are just a star to us :o) 9th August 2013


Dear Henry, I’d just like to say a personal thank you for supporting us at our Spring Fair this year. Lots of people have been talking about how fabulous it was to hear you play busking around the building as lots of people loved you turning up in the different rooms to play a tune. I absolutely loved it and really enjoyed listening to you, I just love the charisma and performing style.. there was a definite buzz about the place wherever you went so thank you. Thank you so much for taking the time to come along, and not to mention for your kind support too, it really does mean a lot. I’m so pleased to tell you that the event was a great success and has been a record-breaker in terms of fundraising. 13th May 2013.


I haven’t got an address for Henry – but will you pass on to him the very sincere thanks of the Elders and Congregation for his magnificent performance at the jubilee BBQ. We are all so verity grateful to him for his entertainment that everyone enjoyed and especially for his staying power. That is just phenomenal!


Once again you have entertained us with your songs, jokes and exhuberant personality. You really launched the Festival music event in style.


"Many, many thanks for adding an extra dimension to our party - you did more than I expected you to do and I am sure it was much appreciated.  I hope your talent goes from strength to strength."


"Thank you very, very much for playing the Ukulele at our Christmas Market which took place on the 5th and 6th December. You really were fantastic and such a crowd pleaser. Everyone at the Hospice has been singing your praises! We raised over £10,000 over the weekend, which we are thrilled with. This is the most we have ever raised at a Christmas Market so you really deserve a pat on the back for all your hard work."


"It really was great to have you there. You have been included in our event analysis as a credit to the event!!"


"I just wanted to say a big, big thank you for supporting us again at our Garden Party, you (and your funky shirt!) Performed fantastically, entertaining all the attendees. I received great feedback from so many of the people who attended the Garden Party, saying how much they enjoyed your songs; you really do get everyone in good spirits. It was a real pleasure to have you there and you helped make the event a great success."


"Can I just say on behalf of myself, Paulla and all the rest of the cast involved that you were “AMAZING”? Everybody loved working with you and being around you and the show simply wouldn’t have been the same without you in it! Not only are you a fantastic talented entertainer but you are a true gentleman with it, consider us all official members of your fan club (particularly me and Paulla)"


I just wanted to say a massive thank you for entertaining the guests at our Easter Spectacular. As usual, you were amazing and everybody loved it.


"How can we ever thank you enough? We booked you to play for just one hour but when you found out that our other two acts had let us down you stayed and entertained the audience for another two hours. Without you our event would not have been as successful, you are so kind and professional, you appeal to all age groups and cultures we can't understand why you haven't got your own show on TV but we won't be surprised if one day you do!"  


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